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Public toilets are a common feature during outdoor sporting events, construction projects and music festivals. In a previous article, we looked at the importance of having a portable toilet close to a tree. We will explore some common items you can easily find next to a mobile facility excluding a tree. Have you ever noticed an unusual item around a mobile toilet unit before answering the call of nature? Or, you might have been too pressed to notice the familiar and unfamiliar objects.


Here are 6 things you can find close to a portable toilet:

  1. Public bin: It is always a pleasure finding the surroundings of portable toilet units in a clean state. To achieve this goal, some event organisers or site managers are likely to allocate one or two bins around the public facility. This will ensure users with litters like an empty bottle of water or remnants from a hot lunch can safely dispose of the waste before visiting the hired public unit.  
  2. Construction Ladder: Portable toilets are usually hired for construction projects and these can range from home extension projects to brand new projects. For smaller projects like house extensions, you can easily find a ladder close to the mobile unit. This is ensuring the health and safety standards are maintained. The distance between the ladder and the mobile toilet unit is quite important. 
  3. Finger Posts or Sign Posts: For massive events like marathons and music festivals, the portable facility has usually situated some distance away from the centre of activities. Event organisers take necessary steps in ensuring there are clear indicators for people searching for facilities. 
  4. Stools or wooden benches: When accompanied by a friend or family member to a designated portable restroom, it is always beneficial to have them wait comfortably. A big part of being comfortable whilst waiting is to have a place to sit. These are when wooden benches or stools become useful in enhancing the toilet experience. Waiting for a friend to complete their number one or two, will not feel like a lifetime when you can pick up a conversation in the bench area with someone else waiting for their friend.  
  5. Portable toilet van: Don’t be surprised to find the van of the portable toilet hire company near the mobile units. This could be because the units have been recently delivered or cleaned. In some other instances, additional toilet facilities can be stored in the van based on a demand for extra units. These are some of the reasons for finding a van within the parameters of a portable toilet unit.
  6. Modern pole light or outdoor lamp: Some portable toilet units are required for overnight events like festivals. In this case, people are likely to need these facilities at night for a pee or poop. In this scenario, these portable units are likely to be placed or located in a lit area with the necessary pole light or outdoor lamp. This will certainly reduce safety and convenience concerns when using the mobile units at night or during the wee hours.

Portable toilets are quite essential in outdoor events with limited or no restrooms. We’ve just touched on some of the objects or things you will most likely find near a mobile unit.  


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