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modern portable toilets

Portable toilets have always been designed with functionality in mind. You will never imagine a portable toilet could be as slick as the top of a glass table. We’ve always known these facilities to be a place where we empty our bladders or bowels. No more, no less! You don’t expect a fiction writer to experience an outpouring of creative spark while doing a number one or two in a portable toilet at an event.

It is still difficult to pinpoint a feature in a traditional mobile facility that will get a user pumped and inspired for that new challenge. Maybe these toilets are designed for you to handle your business. Things are changing with the addition of some cool features to contemporary facilities. Let’s look at some of these slick additions. 

Some cool features in contemporary portable toilets

1) Rear openable window: most portable toilets do not have a built-in window feature. Sometimes, public portable restrooms are used by various individuals, primarily for pee or poop. After a handful of users, the odour can quickly build up in these facilities. This can lead to an unpleasant toilet experience for subsequent users. Imagine facilities that have windows that could be opened. It will be an excellent outlet for releasing the familiar toilet smell. 

 2)Exhaust fan and LED lights: We’ve touched on the importance of LED lights in a previous article. These lights and exhaust fans are crucial in reducing the dampness of the toilet surfaces and ensuring they are in a dry and suitable state at all times. 

3) Extra basins: We do not usually have control over the state of public toilet facilities. A single toilet basin is typically fine, but other times, a blocked basin left in a pitiful state invites the wish for an alternative toilet basin. On construction sites, portable units with two sinks or wash basins can provide workers with sufficient space to wash their hands, face, and forearms effectively. 

4) Mirror: We all like to see a reflection of ourselves via a mirror. Mirrors are powerful when used strategically. In toilets, they can brighten and enhance the portable unit and create more sense of space. You usually want to ensure your makeup is in place or that your tie is neatly knotted. Whatever reasons you have, the mirror has a vital role in modern toilet facilities. 

5) Coat or cloth hook: we use toilets throughout the year and are bound to require coat hooks during winter. These hooks may seem small, but they make a massive difference. These hooks can be excellent placeholders for participants’ backpacks during sporting events like marathons. During the cold periods, we often seek a safe and hygienic place to leave our coats, bags, and scarves on like a hook. 

6) Soap holder: Portable toilet units at construction sites usually allow workers to wash their faces and hands from sand, dust, grease, and other matter. A holder with a constantly replenished bar of soap will ensure these workers maintain a strong sense of hygiene

These are some of the features that can elevate a standard functional mobile unit to a more sophisticated one. 


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