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Air Freshener

There are certain public toilets habits common amongst most users. These behaviours may not be exhibited when using private facilities and not public units. We’ve covered a few conventional and unconventional toilet habits in previous articles. The use of the air freshener in a given public facility could differ among people. The key question is when should air fresheners be sprayed – before or after the toilet use?


Toilet Air freshener

Air fresheners are lifesavers in a busy public toilet where a variety of odours are discharged in quick succession. Without the presence of these scented items or sprays, people may find the use of public units unbearable and a few individuals could negatively react to the toilet stench. In extreme cases, individuals may vomit due to the offensive smell encountered in a given facility. Air fresheners come in different types and some of the common ones are gravity drip hygiene ordour control system, passive non-mechanical evaporating aroma diffusers, gels, plug-ins, electric fans, metered aerosol time-operated mist dispensers, beads and sprays. Majority of these air fresheners utilise substances such as oxidizers, absorbent, disinfectants, limonene and aerosol propellants. Other additional components also used include solvents such as glycol ethers, 2-butoxyethanol and mineral oil. We are focused on the actual air fresheners used in these toilets. It will be important to look at some of the reasons why someone will either want to spray before or after using the toilet.


Reasons for spraying before using the toilet

Most public toilets in offices, hotels or conference centres are more likely to provide air fresheners than shopping malls or train stations. People who usually spray before using these facilities do this as a result of comfort. They desire a soothing environment when doing number two. Failing to spray before using the toilets may lead these users to inhale a concentrated stench which on extreme occasions could lead to eye irritation or headaches. These sprays could be the sole reason for ensuring a great toilet experience. In addition, spraying a toilet before use could also be applicable to people who have a very strong sense of smell. Some of these users may have the hyperosmia syndrome, which is basically increased olfactory (a heightened sense of smell). One could easily conclude that people with a lower threshold for odour are more likely to set the air fresheners in action before doing their business.


Reasons for spraying air fresheners after using the toilet

On the other hand, some individuals prefer using air fresheners after emptying their bowels. The first reason why some individuals may prefer this option is that the condition of the toilet is in a pleasant state. One will be less likely to spray air fresheners in a clean and freshly scented facility. Secondly, nasal congestion or Anosmia could easily prevent people from detecting the severity of the smell of toilets before use. This leads to spraying after use. Our sense of goodwill and concern for others will also ensure we diffuse the ordour with the spray after answering the call of nature.


The final group has a habit of spraying before and after using the toilet facility.


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