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A gender-neutral public toilet encounters the toilet seat debate. It’s a debate between males and females. The men argue that the toilet seat in an upward position is the most natural as it allows them to pee without worrying about leaving splatters on the seat. On the other hand, women expect the seat to be down after each use. It allows them to handle their business without bringing the seats down themselves. Definitely, a discussion or an argument that will continue for a long time, and even the most optimistic should not expect a resolution anytime soon. 

One thing is sure, the toilet seat and covering are constantly moved up and down depending on the nature of use. Have you ever let down a toilet seat and suddenly realised the sound it generated? Sometimes, it could cause mild shock and leave us a bit rattled. Imagine waiting in line to use a public facility, and the user lets go of the toilet seat, leaving you and a few others wondering if the person in the stall is alright. This scenario prompts the need for a soft-close toilet seat. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of this design. 

Soft-close toilet seat benefits 

A soft close toilet seat can be a hinged unit, and its shape is often round or oval. 

  1. Slow and quiet closing system: We often dash off to use the restroom when we are very pressed for pee or poop. There is a certain degree of intensity and urgency in these toilet moments. On the contrary, we are unlikely to lose our patience when the toilet seat commences the journey of closing before or after use. It is slow and quiet and brings a sudden peace and calm to a frantic and rushed experience. Staring at this simple but effective object while gently moving into a resting position is therapeutic. It reassures us that sometimes being slow and quiet can do wonders. 
  2. Reduces the risk of injury: There is a slight possibility of minor injuries when using a toilet. You might get your fingers trapped in the traditional fast-closing toilet seat. Usually, to avoid our hands from getting tangled or squashed, we let go of the fast-closing toilet before it ultimately finds itself in a downward position. With a slow closing toilet, a gentle tap is required to get it traveling down at a measured and steady pace.
  3. More family-friendly: Families with young children must continuously evaluate domestic risks such as radiators, plant stands, openings in a staircase, and many more. The toilet seat can also quickly go unnoticed if proper attention and care are not given. With a slow closing seat, parents do not have to worry about the trapping of their toddlers or children’s fingers.
  4. Easy cleaning: Most of these seats also feature a quick-release system that allows for easy cleaning. We do like to use a clean and fresh-smelling toilet facility. Cleaning just got easier with a slow-closing toilet facility.
  5. More durable: The contact between the toilet seat and bowl is gentle. It contributes to the durability of both surfaces. You are less likely to witness broken toilet seats with a soft closing system. 

These seats make the public toilet experience more enjoyable with less hassle. 


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