The benefits of guaranteed next-day delivery of portable toilets




next-day delivery

Organising an event requires attention to detail and a proactive mindset. Portable toilets are essential for outdoor events, and determining the appropriate quantity based on the expected number of attendees is significant. We’ve previously written about choosing the number of portable units required for a proposed event or construction project. One will also highly benefit from a lot of online research and reading up on the product description and website contents of potential suppliers. 

We are all familiar with the concept of Amazon Prime and how it has changed the delivery game. By signing up to Amazon on a monthly subscription of about 8.99 GBP, you are provided with next-day delivery on most products. It is attractive to many shoppers as the assurance of receiving an order so quickly can be quite soothing to procrastinators and regular online shoppers. Prime members are reported to buy more products and shop more often than their non-prime counterparts. The number of Amazon Prime subscribers has been on a steady rise, with over 153 million members from the US in 2021. There will be around 12.76 million Amazon Prime users in the UK in 2022, after a marginal decline from the previous year.

Nonetheless, there is a strong penetration of the service in major markets worldwide. These impressive subscriber numbers result from the Prime product’s richness, which comprises reading, streaming, storage, and shopping benefits. Next-day delivery has set a new expectation and standard for the global online shopping experience. 

When it comes to the hiring of portable toilets, we are more likely to expect an Amazon Prime delivery service. A guaranteed next-day delivery service will always be a bonus for the event organisers and site managers.

Benefits of next-day guaranteed portable toilet delivery service 

  1. Reduces the stress of waiting: Next-day delivery is magical. After the click of a button or a call with a vendor, the items arrive at our doorsteps the next day. It completely removes any stress and worry that comes with the usual 3-5 days delivery service; As there is a higher chance for one or two more days of further delay with the standard delivery service; 
  2. Ideal for a last-minute arrangement during a multi-day event; Things pop up during the planning of events. Sometimes, during a multi-day event, organisers may realise more facilities are needed, and guaranteed delivery will be on hand the next day to rescue the situation. It is always safe to know the possibility of a next-day delivery when unsure of the number of portable toilets required. 
  3. Used to determine the reliability and quality of service of the portable toilet company: Businesses that keep to their promises or words can be more trusted than those who do not. When a company delivers clean portable toilets right on schedule as agreed upon, they are likely to receive repeat business from the customer.

Amazon Prime has made next-day delivery a standard and not an exception. Portable toilets can also be hired on a following-day delivery basis based on certain factors such as availability, the number of units required, the event’s location, and budget.

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