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Nature tends to call when we are out attending an event, shopping with friends or at the construction site with our work colleagues. We may scout for the available facilities upon arrival, as it is never a surprise to realise the bladder or bowel press. In life, some things have a better sensation or are more effective when old than new. Are you wondering about something that works best when old than new? Wine is the simple answer.

It is argued that wines taste better after a few miles of time has passed by than when newly made. This is due to the compound chemical reaction that impacts the taste of wine overtime to finally deliver a soothing flavour and magical taste. Not all objects or products in life taste smell or feels better when old like wine. Some things like public toilets or portable facilities may have a fresher sensation at the earlier stage of their lifespan than after a few years of usage. This obviously depends on how such facilities are maintained through the use of air fresheners and effective cleaning

There is no denying the fact that newly built public toilets or manufactured potable facilities can be easily detected by the most observant. Sometimes, when we are very pressed to use the toilet, our awareness to observe the surroundings may be quite low. It is simply nature’s call consuming our entire thought process. Regardless, using a brand new toilet can trigger some feelings or engineer a chain of thought. We will explore some of the feelings below:


Possible feelings when using a newly built public toilet or portable toilet: 

  1. Feeling of freshness: The freshness of the facility is the first thing we are likely to notice when using a newly built facility. The sparkling toilet seats and crisp white hand basin instils a deep feeling of newness in us. It is refreshing to be a pioneer or a pacesetter like most will say. We feel special and opportune to be amongst the first set of individuals to use the toilet facility at a train station or a portable unit at a music festival. Freshness is an adjective that is often used on vegetables. Well, the public toilet is not similar to a vegetable but the feeling of freshness makes the toilet experience delightful. 
  2. Feeling of uniqueness: Most people want to be treated in a great and peculiar way. We do not want the leftovers of a meal or the last available seat in a cinema. There is a great feeling of uniqueness when we suddenly realise we would be among the first couple of people to use a given toilet unit. It takes some degree of awareness to notice a toilet is new and as such feel special for being fortunate to empty your bladder or bowel at the given unit. 
  3. Feeling of brightness: New things are rarely dull. They are full of colour and are bright enough to arouse our inner sense of admiration. There is so much sparkle from the urinals and bowls. The doors open with a light touch and the floor and wall tiles have enough reflection to send a mirror extinct. It is quite difficult to have a poor toilet experience when using a brand new and modern public toilet unit. 
  4. Feeling of timeliness: We like to be on time to avoid FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Timeliness means when something occurs in a favourable or useful time. Visiting the public toilet at the earlier stages of its lifetime leaves us with the feeling of right-timing. Being lucky to be amongst the first set of people to use the toilet is almost like being at the right place at the right time. 

These are some of the feelings one experiences when using a standard public or hired portable toilet unit

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