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Leading toilet paper brands

We’ve written a handful of blogs on toilet papers like some tips in choosing a quality one. Or, what scrunching or folding your toilet paper says about you. A few months ago, we published a blog that looked at the debate between using toilet paper or washing down after completing a number two. This came as a result of the panic buying of toilet paper in the face of lockdown posed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Toilet paper is quite important to the public toilet industry including the sector focused on the hiring of public facilities. The toilet experience of users will be negatively affected if these facilities have run out of toilet papers or available ones are in a poor state. We will be looking at the top brands of toilet papers ranked by the number of people using these rolls. It was a research carried out by Statista in 2018 and findings can still be relevant in the current times. We will briefly look at the top toilet paper brands in this research. 


Toilet paper brands ranked by number of users in Great Britain in 2018

Toilet paper top UK brands


Leading UK toilet paper brands;

  1. Andrex toilet paper: It is a British brand of toilet papers that was introduced in 1948. It has been in the market for over 78 years and can usually be found in leading stores around the country. Its parent company is an American firm, Kimberly-Clark. Andrex states that UK households use over 8 million miles worth of Andrex® toilet paper annually. That is quite an amount of toilet roll that is consumed in both private and public toilets. Other interesting facts about Andrex is that it was developed from gentleman’s disposable handkerchiefs and it is considered as one of the top 10 UK’s most-loved brands. 
  2. Tesco toilet paper: As a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer, Tesco’s is considered the third-largest in the world by gross revenue. It is also viewed as the ninth-largest retailer in the world based on overall revenues. It manufactures toilet papers with its luxury soft range competing with other leading brands. 
  3. Cushelle toilet paper: It is the third-ranking toilet paper brand based on UK consumer consumption. You can find these toilet papers in major retail outlets like Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s and ASDA. The brand prides itself in an irresistibly cushiony softness. The Consumer Survey of Product Innovation voted the Cushelle Ultra Quilted toilet paper as the product of the year.
  4. ASDA toilet paper: Asda Stores Ltd also trading as Asda, is a popular British supermarket outlet, with headquarters in Leeds, West Yorkshire. It is a company that was founded in 1949 and stocks toilet paper brands such as Andrex, Cushelle, Softesse and ASDA shades. The ASDA Shades come in a white soft, quilted or Cherry Blossom limited edition.
  5. Sainsbury’s toilet paper: Sainsbury has a far-reaching presence in the UK supermarket space. It is considered to be the second-largest chain of supermarkets in the country and boasts a 16% share in the space. It was formed in 1869 and was crowned the largest retailer of groceries in 1922. It stocks other leading independent toilet paper brands and also sells its branded super soft whole toilet paper.

These are some of the leading toilet paper brands by the units consumed in the United Kingdom

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