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We encounter different types of sound on a given day. Sometimes it is from the horn of an impatient driver or a book that slid off the shelf. When a sound happens often we get accustomed to it. Our ears take note and register accordingly. Using a public toilet can also present a variety of sound waves.

There are some we are comfortable with but others cause some uneasiness. Our bowels tend to have a mind of their own when we are about to do a number two. It’s like our radio app automatically switches to a different frequency and adjusts the volume to the peak when we are in a library or a meeting. When the muscles in our intestine are stimulated they can become too excited and pleasantly release fart.

The public toilet is a beehive of sounds. Moreso is like a rock band rehearsing before a world tour. You would expect this band to perfect the synergy of different instruments and vocals. When using a public toilet with so many stalls, you should expect a flurry of sound effects from different users handling their business. Now, you would expect bowel movement in preparation for poop. This intestinal motion is required for stool to safely travel to the rectum. It is an entire process that can cause a lot of sound in a toilet. Did you also know the toilet seat can also generate a deafening clatter in a toilet? Let’s explore that a bit.

Most toilets have a seat and cover. This is evident when using private, portable or public toilets. We’ve written a blog exploring if men should put the toilet seat up or down after use. That’s an argument that will continue for a lifetime. It is not the focus of this piece. Let’s quickly look into conditions that will necessitate the toilet seat to be put down.


Reasons to let down the toilet seat

  • By ladies after a gent left it up: This is linked to the debate on how the toilet seat should be left after use. Most ladies will be expected to put down the toilet seat after a male colleague or partner used the given facility.
  • Before a poop: Male and female are bound to let down the toilet seat before carrying out a poop. This is because the toilet seat makes using the toilet for number two more comfortable. We can maintain a better sitting posture and enjoy a more hygienic experience. 
  • When there is a mixed toilet: Some public spaces provide mixed toilets and the movement of the toilet seat back and forth is expected. A gender-specific toilet will experience more toilet seat movement in the male facilities than that of their female counterpart. Although, some men disregard subsequent users and pee when the toilet seats are down. Risking leaving urine splatters behind which will make an incoming user disgusted. 

The above are some likely reasons or scenarios where one would expect the putting down of a toilet seat. What are some reasons for the thundering sound of the toilet seat when one decides to put them down?


Why letting down the toilet seat causes a thundering sound: 

  • The toilet seat material: Most toilet seats are either made from wood or plastic. Ones made from wood are heavier than their plastic counterparts. Woods are sturdy but their weighty attribute means they can cause a loud sound when put down in a given way.
  • The force applied: When toilet seats are put down gently you would not expect a loud sound. On the contrary, when one hastily puts them down, there is bound to some noise that will cause some fright in other users.
  • The nature of contact: Super hygienic folks may apply a light contact to the toilet seat as opposed to a firm grip. A soft contact or nudge can increase the speed of a wooden toilet seat and cause a loud disturbing sound.

Next time you are prepared to put down a toilet seat, the above tips will help you generate a comfortable sound. 

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